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Click the link to see our menu, but we encourage you to stop in. We have special coffee profiles to seasonal drinks to wonderful food that our menu does not show. Come and see for yourself the wide variety of options we offer.

Coffee Bike

Coffee Connections started with the idea in mind to bring fresh roasted coffee to people. We purchased a Wheely’s Coffee Bike and started using it. As part of COFTA, we can be requested to come to events or office parks. Though it is a simple set up, the coffee and products that we provide make it a wonderful experience.

Partners and Products

Since connecting is part of what we do, we have partnered with various businesses to bring in an unique yet wonderful service. From eats to art you will find a touch of some wonderful people doing some awesome things!


Coffee Connections strives to partner with local people on a daily bases. Through those connections, we hear of needs in the community and the opportunity for us to meet that need. Our Events page is a way for you to be part of what is going on.

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Each month, all tips go to Non-Profits.

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