V60 Pour Over

Pour Over (v60 method)

To achieve the best results with this method, we recommend using fresh roasted coffee. To purchase some fresh roasted beans, email us at coffeeconnectionhilliard@gmail.com and title the subject line “Give me the BEANS.”

The pour over has been a popular model for awhile around the world.  Our logo is even based on this brewing method.  When we entered the coffee culture, the pour over was the very first craft coffee brewing method that we learned and it has become one of our favorites for many reasons!

First, the pour over extracts the flavor of Single Origin or Blends of coffee with such efficiency that it creates a wonderfully clean and flavorful cup. As an experience, you will be able to identify the various notes of the bean leaving you with a satisfying cup of coffee that brings in all of the senses as it brews. Another reason we like this method is because it takes about 1.5 to 2 minutes to brew, which allows time to create conversations and build relationships. And finally, we prefer this method because of the curiosity it produces. People (who are new to the craft coffee world or only use to traditional drip methods) are drawn to the unique method and start to ask questions which creates opportunity for engagement and coffee education.

I will pause now and let you know that we teach a Brew Methods class! Included in the class fee, you will receive a bag of beans, a V60 and some filters. We will show you how to brew and then you will have a chance to do it yourself. Send us an email or watch our facebook EVENTS for upcoming brewing classes.

So how do you brew coffee using a V60?


Step 1: Gather all your supplies! If you are doing this at home or the office, we recommend the following gear: V60, Filters, Electric Kettle, Burr Grinder, Scale and a Mug.


Step 2: Heat up your water. We recommend a temperature of 205F


Step 3: Select what beans you want to use. This method works great for any roast of coffee. 

Step 4: Weigh out the correct amount in grams

For this, we recommend you start with a 1:1 ration (grams:ounces).   Adjust from there! If you want stronger cup, add more beans. Not as strong, reduce the amount of beans. Its an experiment! (So be a evil scientist with the laughs and smoke.) 

If you don’t want to determine your own, we use the following ratios. Again, adjust based on HOW YOU LIKE YOUR COFFEE!

12oz cup – 14 grams of beans

16 oz cup – 24 grams of beans


Step 5: Set your grinder to the right setting for this method and grind away (consult your grinders user manual or ask us for a sample grind to match yours)


Step 6: Rinse the filter in the V60. This step allows for more flavor going into the cup and not into the filter.

Step 7: Add grounds into the pre-rinsed filter. Place V60 on top of cup!


Step 8: Slowly add some hot water. STOP!!! Let it sit for 30 seconds or so. This will start the extraction and enhance the flavor of the coffee. At this point you should be seeing the ‘Bloom.’ This happens when carbon dioxide is released, giving off that wonderful coffee smell. Fresh Roasted coffee will result in a larger bloom. Something to note!

Step 9: Slowly add more water in a circle motion. STOP!!! Don’t dump all the water in there, slowly add it. You want to try to keep the same level of liquid in the cup.

Step 10: Stir! This idea was presented to us in read the book “Everything but Espresso.” Scott Rao claims it will better coat all the coffee grinds in water leading to full extraction. If you don’t do this, un-extracted grounds may be left on the sides of the filter. Wasted goodness! 


Step 11: Add more water and stir at least one more time.


Step 12: Right before the liquid reaches the appropriate level, remove the filter before it drains all the way down and throw away.


There you have it! Pour Over Coffee. Like anything, the more practice you put into this method the better and better you will become with it. Also, go check out other coffee places and see how they do it. The craft coffee community is very open in sharing information. Then you can impress your friends and teach them what you know!!