SEU: Ohio

Coffee Connections delighted to be a practicum sight for SEU Ohio. 

SEU Ohio Network Campus is a regional campus of Southeastern University (Lakeland, FL) located in Columbus, Ohio partners with the Ohio Ministry Network to host an instructional site on the organization’s campus, and offer students accredited degree programs. 

The practicum is what sets SEU Ohio’s educational programs apart from other types of programs. Each semester during a practicum, students get a chance to implement in the field what they have been learning within the classroom. The many practicum options serves as a canvas for students to gain a natural application of the craft they are learning in the classroom while they are guided by actual practitioners in the field. In addition to those advertised on the site, students can choose any business, non-profit or church organization that fits within their field of study. We believe hands-on, practical training is a crucial part of your education.  You will have the opportunity to work alongside a business or ministry leader in an area you’re passionate about.

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