This Month’s Non-Profit

This Month’s Tips to Non-Profit

Previous Non-Profits

Month of December - This month each barista selected a charity to give too! The 6 charities were: African Oasis Project, Parkinson's Research, A Kid Again, She Has a Name, Orphan World Relief and The Brain and Behavior Research. The community gave:$1,538.73! What was also great about this month, is that we ALSO were able fundraise and donate to other causes this month. Thank you for being such a generous community! 

Month of November - Patriot Pin Up! The community has given $1,288.96 to this wonderful group that supports our Troops here and abroad. With your generous support, this year they are able to send care packages to our service men and woman! Awesome!!! Find out more at:

Month of October - Books in Little Hands $1200(+), as well as Freedman's House and Sparrow's Hope ($916). We also hosted a few fundraisers that raised nearly $2000 in total! 

Month of September - Convoy of Hope for Hurricane Relief in the amount of $1362.65. As well as a fundraiser for Simon ($1500) and a few drives (clothing and books). 

Months of July and August - SON ministries. $2,115.54! About $500 more came in in various other venues that has gone to small support organizations. Hilliard keeps on impressing us! For more information about SON ministries and the amazing work they do in Hilliard see:

Month of June- YMCA of Central Ohio, Hilliard/Ray Patch Branch. The community gave $1,365.00! For more information on how the YMCA can assist you or how you can be part of their community -

Month of May- Bethany Christian Services. Thank you Hilliard Community for donating $1,359.49 to this great case. For more information about the adoption programs they offer, click here

Month of April - Sole Hope! Our second largest donation of tips we have been able to send out: $1,340.84! Thank you for supporting such a great cause. More info can be found at

Month of March - Hope for Hollow. The community gave $1,185.90! More information find here:

Month of February - International Justice Mission was selected and the community gave $1,179.33. Thank you all for supporting this mission. Click on this link if you would like more information- 

Month of January- The community of Hilliard donated in physical and digital tips to Columbus Kids Do Good. The amount that came in was $1,030.21.