This Month’s Non-Profit

This Month’s Tips to Non-Profit

SON Ministries

Previous Non-Profits

Month of June- YMCA of Central Ohio, Hilliard/Ray Patch Branch. The community gave $1,365.00! For more information on how the YMCA can assist you or how you can be part of their community -

Month of May- Bethany Christian Services. Thank you Hilliard Community for donating $1,359.49 to this great case. For more information about the adoption programs they offer, click here

Month of April - Sole Hope! Our second largest donation of tips we have been able to send out: $1,340.84! Thank you for supporting such a great cause. More info can be found at

Month of February - International Justice Mission was selected and the community gave $1,179.33. Thank you all for supporting this mission. Click on this link if you would like more information- 

Month of January- The community of Hilliard donated in physical and digital tips to Columbus Kids Do Good. The amount that came in was $1,030.21.