Who we are

We are on a mission not only to provide a great coffee experience, but to add value into people lives by giving them something ever person desires: relationship.

Nate and Sharon Grenier moved to Hilliard in 2013 with one mission in mind: To connect with people through a quality coffee experience.  They relocated from Royersford, PA and changed careers in order to make this mission a reality.  As a young family they understand the challenges life can face and believe God never intended to live life alone.  Now along with their 4 children, Hilliard is home.  Together they strive to use one cup, one relationship, one eternal impact to make a difference.  It’s a love your neighbor and serve your city mentality.


Coffee Connections is a new business to the Hilliard and surrounding areas. Yet, just because our business is a start up doesn’t mean that  we are new to coffee. We’ve spent years learning and crafting the perfect cup of coffee, and we can’t wait to share it with you!

Sometimes our passions can turn into our career. That is exactly the case for Coffee Connections. We had a strong passion for coffee and for people, and combining the two was the only next step. We focus on not only on always delivering you a quality cup of coffee, but also on building relationships with each and every one of our customers.


With just under a year of experience as a mobile operation, we are excited about our first physical location! In the heart of Old Hilliard, 4004 Main Street.

This new location is key to the continued growth and success of our company. Not only does it provide us with a face in the community, but it also provides a warm comforting atmosphere to gather with friends and enjoy life together.

In addition to the main house with seating and meeting areas, we are very much excited to offer a separate space just behind 4004 Main Street. It is in this space where more seating will be offered, as well as a kids space on the second floor. This area can also be rented out for various functions. It will be a place where those in the arts can grow professionally, where lectures and teachings can be held, and where community will be strengthened.


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