Brew Methods

Coffee and the various ways to brew it are numerous, to say the least. Our hope is to present to you some useful brewing methods that will allow you to brew a great cup of coffee. Always remember, coffee is a communal act. Enjoy

Pour- Over


The passion behind this podcast is to not only educate about high quality coffee, but also to inspire local Hilliard residents about their community. We focus on local events, businesses and volunteer opportunities where people can connect to make a difference. By inviting others to join in on the conversation we can build a unified community that truly loves the neighbor and serves the city.

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Our Blog’s

From time to time, we have a lot to say. Doesn’t everyone. But our content isn’t about issues that are specific to needs of an individual. Our content is formed with the reality that people need positive voices within their lives.
These blog publications are all about helping every person grow personally, socially and professionally. To present the truth in love and to encourage a person to be a better person.

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